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First World War Galleries at Imperial War Museum

It's now over 100 years since the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand set off a chain of events that would lead to the start of the First World War.

The Imperial War Museum’s (IWM’s) First World War Galleries present an exhibition which allows you to discover the story of the war through the eyes of the British people and the Empire, both on the home front and the fighting fronts.

With over 1,300 objects drawn from IWM’s First World War collections – the richest and most comprehensive in the world - visitors can gain an understanding of how the war started, why it continued, how the Allies won and its global impact.

Through photographs, film, art, weapons, uniforms and equipment, diaries and letters, keepsakes and trinkets, the exhibition gives a voice to the people who lived through this momentous period of modern history.

The First World War was not only a time of destruction, suffering and loss, but also endurance and innovation, duty and devotion, comradeship and love, themes that are all explored within this outstanding exhibition.

Free admission

IWM London
Lambeth Road


Men at Home and War Fronts

Tank warfare

Combat Clothing

Rifle and Grenade Launcher

Interactive displays


WWI original wartime documents

1917 Russian Revolution

Art from the Front

The Trench

Aerial warfare

The Treaty of Versailles 


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