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Krakow Market Square in Photos

The following photos and video were taken of Krakow Market Square on a warm spring day.

We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did when visiting Krakow to take them! 




Horse and carriage ride around Krakow's medieval market square and old town

Hand-made flower bouquets from a market florist

Flower Bouquets Krakow Market











Local Polish bread stall
Polish Bread Krakow Market











Goat's cheese from Zakopane and the Tatras Mountains 

Cheese from Zakopane Krakow Market












Hand-made local Polish sweets (pierniki) 

Hand made sweets Krakow Market












Krakowianki folk singers in the market square (only takes place on special occasions)

Polish choir folk singers Krakow Market












Traditional Polish soup with white sausage (Kielbasa) and Polish beer at a nearby restaurant

Traditional Polish soup Krakow Market














For an authentic Krakow travel experience visit our Wroclaw & Krakow Tour.

Krakow Market Square 




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