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7 Reasons Why Escorted Tours Make Great Holidays

Imagine a holiday where every detail is taken care of for you. Where specialist destination experts have hand-picked the best hotels, restaurants and activities so that you don’t have to. Where you meet new like-minded people on journeys led by experts in art, architecture or history who can bring to life whole new worlds of knowledge through stimulating and entertaining talks and guided tours. A holiday where assistance (if required) is never far away, making you feel safe and secure at all times and where there is the right balance between special activities and free time.

All this and more can be experienced during a well-designed Expert-led escorted group tour.

Here we give 7 reasons why escorted tours make great holidays.


1 Tours Designed & Led by Experts

By combining the expertise of academics, historians, local expert guides, destination specialists and on-the-ground logistical experts, your tour operator is able to design Expert-led escorted tours that bring out the best in a destination.

Firstly, the tour operator and Expert Tour Leader (usually a leading academic, historian or journalist) work closely to select a theme that matches your interests before building an itinerary around it. For example, for those who are interested in a general cultural tour, the itinerary will include a wide variety of themes related to art & architecture, history, music, gastronomy and gardens (see our St Petersburg & Moscow Tour). For those who have more of a specific interest, a tour itinerary can be developed around that too (see our Winston Churchill Tour).

Your Expert Tour Leader can also arrange special access and exclusive viewings, such as a visit to an archaeological site or a private room in a palace. These are special activities that are normally 'off-limits' to the public and make the travel experience that bit more special.

Always on hand to answer any questions you may have, your Expert will also give guided tours and pre-dinner talks. Usually lasting 30 to 40 minutes, pre-dinner talks are a splendid way to discover fascinating insights about the places and sites you will be experiencing.

Throughout your tour, Local Expert Guides who are specialised in a particular museum, art gallery, UNESCO World Heritage Site or other cultural place of interest, provide entertaining guided tours tailored to your interests. They often pre-select a museum or gallery's highlights, saving you valuable time that may otherwise have been spent on research.

The best local experts are hand selected by the tour operator for their high standards of spoken English, knowledge and ability to bring to life their specialist area.

Having spent years living in the destination, your Destination Specialist has their finger on the pulse, making sure your itinerary includes the best hotels, restaurants and activites at the best value for money.

Finally, your Logistics Expert knows the best way to get around in your destination. Planning pick up times in advance and ensuring you travel in high quality modes of transport, such as air-conditioned coaches and first class rail travel, means you can sit back and relax as you journey in comfort and style.

2 Dedicated Tour Management

Your Tour Manager makes sure all travel and accommodation arrangements are in place and that all health and safety procedures have been adhered to. Always on-hand, if you have any queries or issues that need resolving, he or she can help you resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Working closely with your tour operator in the UK and the local on-the-ground destination management suppliers means your safety is always your Tour Manager’s priority.


3 Hassle free holiday with no time wasted

Excellent tour management ensures a hassle free travel experience with no queues, no waiting for a taxi, pick-ups on time and all hotels and activities pre-arranged. No time is wasted and that means you have more time to enjoy holiday.


4 Excellent Levels of Service

An excellent level of service is at the heart of an escorted tour. Hotels, restaurants and all other suppliers included in the tour have been selected for their attention to detail and high levels of service. Accompanied by a professional Tour Manager, who ensures you receive those high levels of service, you can expect a hassle-free journey with every attention paid to your needs.


5 Make new friends with like-minded individuals

A small group escorted tour attracts like-minded individuals. And as we all know, like-minded individuals tend to make very good friends. Sharing your thoughts and feelings about something new you have just discovered with a fellow traveller is a great way to form new friendships. Friendships that can last a lifetime.

6 Great Value for Money

Travelling in a group means you can take advantage of preferential rates and conditions from hotels and other travel suppliers.

Additionally, sharing the costs of your Expert Tour Leader, Local Expert Guides and the Tour Manager with fellow travellers, means you can experience their services at a much lower cost than would be the case for the individual travellers.

Making travelling on an escorted tour great value for money.


7 Risks Mitigated, Health & Safety requirements taken care of

Any reputable escorted tour company will mitigate health and safety issues by carrying out risk and health & safety assessments (prior to the tour taking place). This ensures procedures are in place in the event of an accident or emergency, so that you receive the best assistance available.

A tour operator representative also carries out what’s called a site inspection prior to the tour to check all hotels, restaurants, transport and activities meet all the requirements of risk and health and safety assessments.






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